Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure about something or require some clarification?Here are some answers to some common questions we get asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure about something or require some clarification? Here are some answers to some common questions we get asked.

Labour & Recruitment

Q: Who do I call if there is a question with my weekly pay?A: Please call our office on 1300 314 008 and talk to one of our friendly staff in payroll! Q: I've got a mate that would really like a job through AIO, who can they contact?A: Our experienced operations team would love to hear from them, they can flick their resume to the team at Q: I would like to find out what jobs are currently available at AIO, how do I do that?A: Visit our open jobs website page for all available roles, click HERE. Q: If I have questions about my payment, need to submit a medical certificate or would like to obtain a separation certificate, what should I do?A: Email any questions or relevant documents to Q: Who can I speak to about any work-related concerns I might have?A: Email your concerns to Q: As an AIO employee when do I get paid?A: Payment occurs on a weekly basis. An employee’s timesheet (either paper or electronically) must be cleared by a manager no later than 9am on Tuesday before funds are released on Wednesday. Q: What is the minimum hire period?A: For roles which involve skilled trades and above it is 8 hours or 1 day hire minimum. For semi-skilled and unskilled workers it is 4 hours or ½ day hire minimum. Q: Does AIO supply PPE?A: We supply basic PPE and we have the capacity to supply advanced PPE at an additional cost.

Engineering & Construction

Q: How quickly can AIO turn things around?A: Here at AIO we can complete projects which others can’t, get in touch with Barry today and see how we can help, 0408 171 491. Q: What sort of work do you do?A: Our engineering and construction experts complete small projects right through to the big jobs including shutdowns. A lot of our work revolves around maintenance and fabrication jobs but get in touch with Barry on 0408 171 491 and we’re happy to help in any situation. Q: How long have you guys been around?A: In October this year we celebrated nine years in business which is exciting!

Training & Education

Q: Who do you help train and educate?A: We help deliver training for the manufacturing, engineering and trades industries by providing contextualised ‘job ready’ training and Induction Programs to candidates seeking employment. We also deliver training to upskill current employees to enable them to undertake and complete work tasks that require specific training or a specific work licence. AIO work closely with partner RTO’s to develop and deliver training and education courses for clients, tailored specifically to client recruitment, development and retention needs. Q: What sort of training and education courses does AIO run?A: AIO and their RTO partners deliver a range of accredited and non-accredited courses, tickets and licences for industry. A list of some of the courses that we deliver can be found HERE. To discuss a full suite of the courses and training programs that we can offer, please contact AIO on 1300 314 008. Q: Can I register as an individual for your courses or is there a minimum number of people required for the course to go ahead?A: We only take group bookings, usually for a minimum of 6-10 people per course, depending on the type of course and training. Q: Is there a training request form I can fill out if I’m interested in any of your courses?A: We sure do! Head to the form HERE.


Q: How am I am looked after as a labour hire worker?A: At AIO Contracting we have a HSQE (Health, Safety, Quality Assurance and Environment) department. The Safety Manager provides our labour hire personnel with support such as training, support with safety concerns in the workplace as well as providing important workplace information. Q: In my last job I was bullied by co-workers because of my age. Can AIO protect me from this behaviour?A: We take harassment and bullying very seriously at AIO. If you are feeling uncomfortable in the workplace, we encourage you to contact our safety team and they will support you by investigating complaints and providing corrective action to make sure you feel safe at work. Q: What if I am injured working for AIO, is it different to other work places?A: If you are working for a labour hire company like AIO you have the same rights as anyone else. We have a dedicated return to work manager who provides advice on Work Cover claims and provides the injured worker with support through the process including finding modified duties at other locations to ensure you are on track for full time duties.

Grant Savari

  • CEO of AIO Group

    With over a decade of experience in the labour hire industry and appointed as Chairman of the Labour Hire Group Victoria in 2019, Grant’s reach is extensive. With years of managerial experience to his name, he has the practical knowledge and ability to ensure business growth year on year.

    In today’s demanding environment, he has a constant knack for thinking outside the box to implement creative solutions for complex challenges. Rising through the ranks from Operations Supervisor, to Operations Manager and then to General Manager, Grant understands what it takes for a business to thrive in today’s highly competitive market. He also has a natural ability to develop and maintain strong rapport with many clients as well as the ever-growing AIO staff.

    As a Richmond Football Club man through and through, Grant bleeds yellow and black and in winter you will find him wherever the Tigers are (home or away). Then in the summer, Grant switches his attention to the cricket. However, all year round, he enjoys spending time with family and friends.